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Kinovate Life Sciences Inc Overview

A wholly owned subsidiary of Nitto Denko Corporation (, a major Japanese conglomerate, Kinovate Life Sciences, Inc. was established in 2004. Kinovate was spun-off from Nitto Denko Technical Corporation (, with the mission of providing the highest quality materials to life science therapeutic oligo markets worldwide.

Since the inception, the company has grown to become the leader in the market for solid supports in oligonucleotide synthesis arena. Kinovate's success is based on outstanding performance of the products, superior customer service and competitive costs. Kinovate offers unparalleled resources in the areas of manufacturing, analysis, Quality Control, technical and customer support and has built a dedicated and expert team with commitment to delivering the best service and providing the highest quality products.

Products: Kinovate offers solid support loaded with deoxy-, ribo-, 2’-methoxy- and 2’-Fluoro-nucleosides at loading range from 40 to 400 µmol/g. We also offer various non-nucleoside linkers and ligands attached to NittoPhase™ and/or NittoPhase™ HL. Popular families of products of ours, manufactured under license from Ionis Pharmaceutical are NittoPhase™ UnyLinker and NittoPhase™ HL UnyLinker at 40 to 400 µmol/g. We also offer “custom” loading of your choice of novel ligand(s) at small to large scales at competitive cost for customers to explore and to optimize their oligo synthesis strategies.

Product Performance: NittoPhase™ and NittoPhase™ HL deliver scalable, consistent, and unparalleled synthesis performance with exceptional quality for DNA, RNA and modified oligos at loadings ranging from 40 to 400 µmol/g. Kinovate’s solid supports have yielded superb results in syntheses of oligonucleotide for clinical studies from micromole to over 900 millimole scales.

cGMP Quality: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, talented team and stringent Quality Control and analysis capabilities are unmatched. Kinovate manufactures NittoPhase™ and NittoPhase™ products under cGMP guidelines and provides all the required documentation for customers to file with regulatory bodies when needed.

Supply Security: With a “business continuity plan” in place and supported by Osaka, Japan based, 35,000 people strong, Nitto Denko Group Kinovate is backed by formidable resources. We know “supply security” is important to therapeutic programs. Trust us, we have your back.

Technical and/or Customer Service: The Kinovate team aims to provide the highest level of support to customers. Whether you are in discovery, pre-clinical, clinical stages or your program has already passed the regulatory approvals. No matter if you need some technical assistance or documents to complement your records, we’re here to serve.

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